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The British Rothschild in 1998 by full and Dr. Wu of the University of Jack and engaged in tool manufacturing for many years is, Willim was founded in Manchester, Manchester University of NC tool industry research also realize the base. At the same time for NC tool manufacturers OEM thread tool.

The company is perfect high-end knowledge and based on a high starting point, the creation of activation, product quality to win customers praise and respect the same industry, become a number of world famous brand OEM and tool suppliers, including broadcasting, Airbus, BMW and other customers to establish a direct or indirect relationship

Rothschild, China's Rothschild is the only overseas production base, planning for the future Rothschild the world's largest licensing center, responsible for the Asia Pacific region's brand promotion, technical support and OEM business

Today, Rothschild as a new tool for the thread cutting tool, the completion of a number of technical problems in the cutting of the public relations, access to a number of patents. Establish the most abundant the most complete thread tool inventory, products include: wire rolling wheel, a knurl wheel, thread rolling die, thread cutter, hard alloy tap. Non-standard thread tool, is one of the world's most professional thread solutions service provider.

1. Rothschild is the only company to introduce the process of Dunhua rolling wheel production enterprises

2. Rothschild is the only company in China to implement the rolling round dome and arc finishing technology.

3. China Rothschild is the only restraint and go ah, in the strict sense of the aviation standard rolling round of     enterprises

4 .Rothschild is the only enterprise in China which can make the standard rolling wheel in the strict sense.

5 .the invention of the world's first machine clamp type tap

6.The is the production of full grinding diamond thread milling cutter 2 manufacturers to the world

7.Only domestic production of ANPT.NPTF.RD.UNJ.MJ high demand thread milling cutter and carbide taps the      business license!






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